You are welcome to God’s love,
welcome to Christ’s peace,
welcome to the Holy Spirit’s presence.
You are welcome to join us as we follow Jesus.

We have returned to IN PERSON worship services Sundays at 10:00am.

Worship will also be available via Facebook Live.

Masks are now OPTIONAL during services and events.
You can view these services by visiting our Facebook page or by simply clicking here.
Please note you do not need a Facebook account to access these online services.


        Worship at 10:00am.         Nursery Care is now available! Located at 40 School Street in Cotuit, Massachusetts.

Our Staff

Our staff is committed to creating space for our congregation to thrive. Click below to meet our team.


Our Staff

Our Purpose

Our Vision

To worship God
To equip members and friends to serve God
To grow in faith and love of God and each other
To be Christ’s hands in the Church,
the community and the world

Our History

Our history is rooted in Cape Cod village life. Click below to learn more or find directions.


Our Story  Directions

"Cotuit Federated Church is my second home. I know that I will always be loved and supported no matter what. I am so lucky to have grown up around such strong and influential individuals."
-Emmalisa Belfiore

"As a young parent who grew up in the church it is important to me to show the way of God to Kyle, my son. Cotuit Federated Church provides me an outlet for my own spiritual growth and gives my son a professionally run and wonderful church school where he is learning the way. It has been so rewarding to see him be involved at church! I love the worship services, community and support. And of course, we both love the playground. "
-Noelle Pina

"By this shore, in this little village, and in this small church, I am discovering more and more of whom I am as a Christian. Here I have found a place in the world where love is abundant, prayer is pure and simple, giving is natural, and challenge is normal. I want more people to experience what I am experiencing and welcome them into our fellowship."
-Dan Hart

"From the moment you enter the front doors, the warm energy of this quaint church surrounds you. We feel safe with this community to express our feelings on our journey with God. We have found our forever church family."
-Beth and Carrie Crouch

"I have been a member CFC since 2003 and in that time this church has grown in spirit and in my heart, leaps and bounds. In spirit, the people I worship with have grown in involvement, creativity, Christ-like dedication to each other and their community. In my heart, my CFC friends have grown in kindness, unconditional love, fellowship, welcoming, openness and embracing our diversity. I can’t imagine myself exploring my spirituality anywhere else."
-Diane Delauter


What's a Federated Church?

We are in covenant relationship with two denominations – the United Church of Christ and the United Methodist Church. Both denominations have histories of choosing to unite with other people from varying Christian traditions in order to follow Jesus together. You can learn more by clicking the buttons below:




of welcome

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We at the Cotuit Federated Church declare
ourselves to be open, affirming and reconciling.
We proclaim this covenant of welcome to everyone, especially if you have known the pain of exclusion in the church and society.

An Equipping Church

As an Equipping church, we intentionally nurture each person’s spiritual gifts and journey of faith. Click below to learn more: 


 Equipping Church


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